Mircrosoft launches a new computer program : Windows 10S

At the beginning of the week, the company launched his new computer program : Windows 10S. This one is a good way to increase the productivity of your employees. In this article, we’ll make a presentation of the new software. Microsoft, founded in 1975 in the United States, has for many years been one of the leaders on the IT market. Indeed, the company sells a lot of devices all over the word, and in addition to that, created a wide range of products like for example mobile phones, computers or digital table. On the other hand, most of the computers (set apart the MacBooks) of any brands (Sony, Asus, Acer, Samsung or HP) have an integrated software : Windows, developed by Microsoft. That’s why, the brand is known worldwide. To keep this reputation and make it more and more big, the firm launches periodically new computer programs or electronic devices. The last but not least, is Windows 10S. Last Tuesday, Panos Panay, Devices’ Division Director of Microsoft, announced, during a conference for the education, the new computer program of his employer. This one is a new version of Windows 10, already integrated with lots of computers. Windows 10S is an improvement of the predecessor. For this new computer software, Microsoft pointed out on three essential points : safety, swiftness and simplicity. In order to honor their promises, the firm had to take some risks. Indeed, the biggest change is the following : from this day, with Windows Panos Panay during the presentation of Windows 10S, only the applications from the Windows Store are able to be installed on the computer. The purpose of this measure is to improve the users’ safety and computers’ health. Thanks to that and Windows 10S, the computer lasts a longer period than before and is more effective. Indeed, there are less computer virus or spams. Moreover, the computers with this software are quicker : the application open in less than five seconds. Why ? Because of the computer program’s weight. Indeed, for the first time this one is really light, and take a small place in the computer. Let’s talk about simplicity. This one is improved thanks to the new wallpaper : it’s more intuitive. Furthermore, the company understood she had to meet the needs of several marks, that’s why she launched plenty of Windows 10 : Windows Family, Windows 10S and Windows Pro. Microsoft took some risks with his new computer software, but his promises’ll win the heart of a lot of customers. Secure your computer and privacy while improving the swiftness of your activities thanks to Windows 10S !